12695011_980149910960_1322006335147190236_oAn Act of God at the Ahmanson (Center Theatre Group) is definitely the best thing we’ve seen so far this year.The premise is that God inhabits the body of Will & Grace star Sean Hayes, and tells the audience about his new 10 commandments. Originally played on Broadway by Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons, this mostly one-man show (he does have two archangels who play minor roles as the narrator and audience interaction coordinator) is hilarious while managing to only be slightly offensive. An off-taste Holocaust joke was the worst joke of the night. Sean Hayes is brilliant – I can’t imagine God being played by anyone else. And the writers were great about including some bits about Los Angeles, as well as some very current political jokes.

SPOILER ALERT: While it was mostly funny and raucous, the show did have some more somber moments. After the show, Trevor pointed out one of these moments, that was sort of glazed over – I missed it completely. Along the way, you get the sense that God is apologizing for his f*ck-ups. And towards the end of the show, he says something along the lines of “I am your worst invention”. This is a very interesting idea no matter what your religious affiliation is. What is he saying about humanity? About religion? Something to think about….

P.S. Through our blogging, you’ll soon discover that I mostly like comedies and musicals, and that Trevor is actually the really insightful one. He always surprises me during our post-show discussions – clearly while I’ve been bopping along in my seat to the catchy tunes, he’s been analyzing the stories and the messages. He’s a smart one, that guy!

– Jerusha



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