12698325_981691830940_3272987343748730001_oOkay, I lied. Since it’s fresh on our minds, we’ll cover Empire: The Musical first. We just came home from La Mirada, where we saw this world premiere musical (with Broadway aspirations), about the building of the Empire State Building.

Jerusha: Loved it! A throwback to old Broadway musicals.

Trevor: It will have its “Heyday” on Broadway eventually, but they still need to tweak a few nuts and bolts.

Thanks for the pun, Trevor…

The songs were catchy, the staging was pretty cool (lots of great projections and expertly staged interactions with those projections), and the choreography was amazing! Director and Choreographer Marcia Milgrom Dodge’s work includes the new production of Ragtime, and you can tell -very similar clean lines and moves. Main character Frankie Peterson will surely go to Sutton Foster, if the show moves to Broadway. La Mirada never fails to deliver. Overall, a fun pre-Valentine’s date night out!

– Jerusha



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