IMG_3689I (we) have been very bad and not written in a while. I’m sure so many of you are disappointed…

If you had the opportunity to see LA Opera’s last presentation of The Magic Flute then you got quite a treat! Barrie Kosky’s mounting of the epic opera is the perfect gateway for someone who has never seen opera before or is new to the art form, because it is highly visual. The show is a send up to movies of the silent film era, and a visual effects screen projects a vast array of images throughout the performance that are sure to delight and entertain. My favorite is definitely the Queen of the Night (masterfully played by So Young Park) who portrays a giant spider who throws daggers.

The only reason why one would not enjoy this delightful production is if they are an opera traditionalist. There is a lot going on all at once. At the expense of displeasing some opera aficionados, I think the show has created some new opera fans; which is far more important for LA Opera and the survival of opera itself.

– Trevor

Jerusha: Not to mention our totally AMAZING seats in the Founders Circle! I cannot…ever…see opera any other way. The blog post photo doesn’t do our seats justice, because we had an unimpeded view of the entire stage and orchestra pit!


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