IMG_3637We LOVED Barcelona at the Geffen! It was a beautifully performed piece from start to finish, with believable and moving performances by the two stars. The set was gorgeous, with a Barcelona cityscape projected on the back wall and wall-to-wall windows in front it.

The performance begins with a wildly choreographed sex scene which had the audience giggling (can’t wait to see MORE sex in Sex with Strangers at the Geffen later this week!). The piece is about an American woman attending a bachelorette weekend getaway, who goes home with an older Spaniard. Over the course of the night, they bare their souls and in a twisted way, help each other come to terms with their inner demons.

Given the current political climate, it was interesting to see how playwright Bess Wohl chose to portray Americans – it was not very flattering. And the Spaniard is your stereotypically suave European…at first. Over the course of the play, the audience is taken on a journey which results in neither character being who you first thought they were. The play is SMART. The dialogue, the character development, the subtle nuances between what is said and what really is. It’s hard to say much more without giving the whole thing away. You’ve got one more week to catch it at the Geffen!

UPDATE: We missed Sex With Strangers…


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