13064502_998557986030_2103053282231022372_oA Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is a wonderful show that deserves to be seen if you get the opportunity. Most musicals, you go for the music. Gentleman’s Guide isn’t like most musicals. The comedy, direction, precise choreography, and fun gimmicks entertain just as much, if not more, than the music.

Robert L. Freedman and Steven Lutvak’s musical is sure to bring a smile to your face. The comedy is top notch; John Rapson does a lot of the heavy lifting, playing all of the family members that Kevin Massey’s Monty must “murder” to win the “love” of Kristen Beth William’s Sibella. A stand out is Kristen Mengelkoch who plays Lady Eugenia, the horrible wife of Lord Adalbert. If you watched the Tony performance, you probably remember the door number featuring Monty and his two love interests. That fun scene doesn’t disappoint in person and received a rousing applause. The choreography is so precise – credit is definitely due to Peggy Hickey and Darko Tresnjak!

Darko Tresnjak is becoming a modern day Harold Prince. Directing big projects like this one, or Patti LePone in Ghosts of Versailles, and soon Kevin Bacon in Rear Window!! You don’t normally think of direction when seeing a show, but Darko might be the star of this production. There is a reason why he won the Tony Award. Without his influence I don’t think this show would have won its Best Musical Tony Award, either!

Jerusha: This was a fun show! The music wasn’t super memorable, but the choreography, staging and design elements were top notch and definitely showcased the current projections & theatre magic trends.

We went with our friends Mike and Ian, who both work in theatre, and here are their thoughts.

Mike: The direction was sooo good. I remember all these little details that I feel like get overlooked in most productions. Things flowed so nicely. It makes me want to be a better director.

Ian: The set and lighting were really cool. The moving stage was a nice touch, but I wish they utilized it more.


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