13417007_10100105660468770_5069987974267443206_oJune was a crazy show month for us. Altogether, we saw 28 shows in the month of June! Why? I’ve been the Hollywood Fringe Festival Manager for the Lounge Theatres on Theatre Row for the past 3 years. This year, I booked 33 shows (and over 150 performances) at the Lounge – and we’re just one of dozens of venues. I am also an Encore Awards judge, which means I see shows and help judge which ones will be granted an extension by one of the venues. Hence…lots of show viewing. AND, for the first time, Trevor Fringed with me! Trevor was in a Fringe show this year, called “The Seven Guys You Date Before You Get Married”. Here’s a list of the Fringe shows we saw this year, but no reviews because we have lots of friends and acquaintances on the Fringe circuit :

Vintage Box
All Aboard the Marriage Hearse
Mmhmm: A Killer One Woman Show
Cold Tangerines
Power! Stokley Carmichael
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Sh!t
Bloody Beautiful
Adam Bomb(s)
Porn Rock
All the Best Killers are Librarians
Qaddafi’s Cook – Living in Hell, Cooking for the Devil*
Take Another Look
Gilda: A Tribute to Beloved Comedienne Gilda Radner*
Aurora & Larry
Fairytales Against Humanity
Please Stand Clear The Doors Are Closing
Feast of Snacks
The Seven Guys You Date Before You Get Married
Seven Decembers
Suckin Injun
Gruesome Playground Injuries




Trevor solo again – Jerusha was at Fringe all month. And again no pic.

The Los Angeles production of Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar is a show that needs to be seen. The acting is superb, especially by Hari Dhillon who makes you feel all the emotions on the scale, from rage to empathy. The star of the show though is the writing. Akhtar’s subtle details and turns feel like they come from Albee, Miller, or Letts. The shock value of some of the language he uses will make your jaw drop. Throughout the show there were gasps and cheers from the audience (some of them are surprising). I went into the show blind (not knowing really anything about the production) and I think you should too because it will take you on an unexpected journey. This is a modern classic that is playing all over the country and for good reason. Don’t miss out on a modern classic.


Trevor flew solo for this one. And no pic.

La Mirada does a fantastic job of bringing The Little Mermaid to the stage. On a Wednesday night, the theater was sold out and for good reason. The recognizable score by Alan Menken and lyrics by Ashman & Slater was sung in hushed tones by the children in attendance. The costumes by Amy Clark & Mark Koss were really stunning. Highlights for me were “She’s in Love” which is a new song sung by the Mer-sisters and Flounder, “Under the Sea” sung by the mega-talented Melvin Abston, and the comedic chops of Jeff Skowron as Chef Louis, which stole the show. Go if you are a fan of the original Disney movie; you won’t be disappointed!