On Wednesday, we caught a 7:30pm performance of “All The Way”, by Robert Schenkkan. First of all, we have to stop seeing weeknight performances at South Coast Rep – the traffic on the drive down was horrendous.

Traffic aside, I enjoyed “All The Way”. Set in 1963, the Tony-Award-winning Broadway hit depicts LBJ’s takeover as President after the Kennedy assassination, and his campaign for re-election. Set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, the political drama features famous historical leaders and moments. Hugo Armstrong really gives LBJ a beautifully fleshed-out character, and the rest of the ensemble cast is strong as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of the staging, but that could have been because we were in the first row on the side (looking up). One warning though – this play is LONG. 3 hours without the intermission. The curtain was 7:30pm and we weren’t headed home until 11pm – not ideal on a hump-day evening. As always, South Coast Rep delivers with high-caliber production value and casting. It was an enjoyable evening, although not one of my all-time favorites.

– Jerusha





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