Parade (Panic! Productions)

I caught a performance of Parade on a Sunday afternoon. First of all, I have had some pretty entertaining experiences at Hillcrest matinees…such as elderly folks literally physically fighting over seats. Alas, no such shenanigans occurred this time 😉

I was not familiar with the music of Parade prior to my viewing on Sunday. I can now say, it is NOT one of my favorite JRB shows. It is so depressing! And while I was hopeful that the music would inspire me since they did I have a live band, I was not impressed! It’s hard to tell if it was the piece that I really didn’t like, or the community theatre feel of the performance. Not to knock Panic! Productions! I have seen some great stuff from them! My dear friend Alisa is always one of their shining stars (which is why I go ;)), but I can say without bias that in the past I have enjoyed Panic!’s shows. It was disappointing to me that Parade was the exception.

That being said, the set design was clever, the costumes were beautiful, and I enjoyed the choreography. Looking forward to the next Panic! show!



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