Macbeth (LA Opera)

img_5786I never know how I’m going to feel when we go to the opera. Operas are long. Really long for a weeknight. I have definitely fallen asleep before. I’ve been pretty polar about the operas we’ve seen – loving them or hating them. I was pretty sure I was going to hate Macbeth. After all, it’s Macbeth. Who hasn’t seen at least a few productions of Macbeth in their lifetime? So I’m pleasantly surprised to say that overall I really enjoyed myself!

It was quite a treat to see Placido Domingo in the title role (he was really moving around!), but the real star was Lady Macbeth, who stole the show. Her voice was PHENOMENAL and her stage presence was striking. It was also really fun to see such a huge cast on stage at the Dorothy Chandler, with approximately 70-80 voices coming at you. The witches were the best part of the show. They were very physical and helped advance the plot in a non-intrusive manner. The unit set was cool, with pieces that retreated to create difference scenes, and a bridge up top that often housed the chorus.

I was alert, invested, and totally present for the whole 3 hour performance…which for me, and opera, is a huge compliment.

The coolest part of all, is tonight’s performance was live-broadcast to over 10,000 people at the Santa Monica Pier and South Gate Park. AND we had seats dead-center of the orchestra (thanks Trev’s work perks!). It’s awesome that LA Opera created an opportunity to bring opera to the masses.

– Jerusha


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