The Lion (Geffen Playhouse)

IIMG_7540 LOVED The Lion! In its final stop on a lengthy world tour which included 2 off-Broadway runs (and a Drama Desk award for Outstanding Solo Performance), Benjamin Scheuer’s one-man autobiographical musical will have its final performance next month on The Geffen stage.  For any singer-songwriter fangirls (or boys), this is a must-see. It is a perfect storm of beautiful folksy-pop melodies, a love story, and a dashingly handsome performer with an incredible life story. It also doesn’t hurt that he is his own accompanist. Throughout the 80-minute piece, Benjamin picks up a variety of guitars and string instruments scattered around the minimalist stage, and he doesn’t just strum chords…he PLAYS THE SHIT out of those guitars.

Benjamin’s story is beautiful, heartbreaking, melodious, hopeful, and inspiring. All the good adjectives. I laughed, I smiled, I cried and I gave a standing ovation. Scheuer pours his heart out onstage, and anyone who is willing to share his life via such a public platform deserves all the admiration in the world.

The only thing I didn’t like…when he took off his shoes. Because, eww feet.

– Jerusha

P.S. We’re doing this really funny (read: annoying) thing where we’re taking pictures of the BACK of Performances magazine on each set (see photo)…because Jade Mills buys a full page ad in EVERY edition. LOL

It’s funny if you see a lot of theatre. Maybe.


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