Zoot Suit (Mark Taper Forum)

IMG_7759CTG’s Zoot Suit by Luiz Valdez is everything you could want and more. The play is just as relevant as it was when it first premiered at CTG under Gordon Davidson. The play gives a voice and perspective to the Chicano and entertains regardless of your background.

I studied Chicano Theater when I attended UCLA and read many of Valdez’s works. I learned that Valdez is excellent at being truthful to the culture while adding magical realism. His company, El Teatro Campesino, would perform plays for the farm workers in the fields on the back of truck beds and helped Cesar Chavez with his National Farm Workers Association. Valdez is an activist and presents powerful messages for his audiences. If you miss out on hearing Zoot Suit’s message at the Mark Taper, don’t worry because Valdez’s Valley of the Heart will be presented at LATC in the future, and I would be shocked if this Zoot Suit production didn’t travel to Broadway like its predecessor.



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