Moby Dick (South Coast Rep)

Wmoby-dick_lookingglass - Copye made the trek down to SCR and once again, were not disappointed! Moby Dick, which was originally produced by Lookingglass Theatre Company in association with Actors Gymnasium in Chicago (and is also a co-production with Alliance Theatre and Arena Stage), is an event! The production was like Blue Man Group meets Cirque du Soleil – highly acrobatic and innovative. The performers had child-like exuberance, swinging and gliding all over the stage. The piece was overall very faithful to the original material (I read the book before the production) and the actors were superb.

The things they did still blow my mind. When the white whale finally makes an appearance it is truly terrifying – with fire alarms going off, prehistoric screams, and a white sheet dragged over the entire audience’s heads. It was exhilarating to say the least! Moby Dick is minimalist theatre at its finest. To illustrate, when a whale spouted water they rained confetti down. I could tell you all the other innovative and creative ways they made Melville’s work come to life with little-to-nothing, but I wouldn’t be doing it justice. If you are ever in Chicago and have an opportunity to see a Lookingglass Theatre Company show, you must! It will change the way you think about theatre.

– Trevor


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